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Are you looking to clean and revive your Properties timbers? Call Period Property Services Ltd for timber cleaning in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, London and across the UK. As property renovation specialists we can also provide a range of professional services including façade restoration and façade cleaning. 
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Clean and Revitalize your Property's Timbers
Before commencing timber cleaning it is necessary to ascertain the exact nature of the coatings that have been applied to the timbers. In England decorative painting of internal timbers began in the late 15th and early 16th century and in the south east and east of England it was also common for external timbers to be painted. Limewash was used with the addition of a binder. Lead paints were used in the 17th century and thereon. By the middle of the 19th century a greater understanding of the use of lead paints meant a change to zinc oxide and/ or liquids from coal and tar deposits although this proved to be less flexible than lead paints. By the mid 1960’s lead had been removed from most paints. 
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timber after paint removal

We can remove unwanted paint from your timber 

If the decision is taken to remove the paint, for aesthetic reasons or for timber treating, consideration should be given to the method to be used to ensure maximum protection of the underlying surface. The underlying surface may contain architectural evidence of the buildings construction and use such as carpenters marks, tool marks, ritual marks, reed light burns and early decorative finishes which may have become overlaid with layers of paint. Careful cleaning of the timbers will allow timber treating against insect infestation as fluids used cannot penetrate painted surfaces. Carefully cleaned the timbers will also regain their patina and allow the characteristics of the wood to be enhanced and exposed.

Revive your oak timbers to their natural beauty 

Each site is assessed to determine the best method for cleaning the timbers whether it be the JOS/DOFF system, dry abrasive blasting, poultice/chemical cleaning to name a few of the systems we use. There are advantages and disadvantages of the methods and their suitability on different surfaces therefore where necessary more than one method might be considered. 

Once the timbers have been cleaned we can timber treat if required and we also can apply a thin layer of wax coating or linseed oil which enhances their natural beauty.

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