Heritage Lime Repointing and lime rendering

Lime pointing, lime repointing and heritage lime rendering and plastering services 

Using traditional methods and materials, Period Property Services Ltd offers lime repointing, lime rendering and plastering and jointing services in Norwich, Ipswich, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, London and across the UK.
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Why lime rendering and repointing?

It is most important to use lime in a listed property to allow the building to breathe and flex with the seasons. Unfortunately, the use of cement based renders combined with modern impervious paint systems have, in some cases led to the severe degradation of buildings and a plethora of damp related problems. Once removed and a lime based render applied the building can breathe again.  
chimney after repointing
lime repointing

Lime Repointing/ Jointing

Lime re pointing/jointing is one of the most overlooked elements of a building as it allows the fabric of the building to flex, shed water and remain dry as most of the evaporation takes place at the joints. Historically buildings were constructed using lime mortars but more recently they have been constructed with a cement/lime mix or even a cement mix only.
Over the last few decades repairs carried out have often been cement rich and this can cause brick spalling, damp or even cracking of the masonry. Period Property Services Limited repoint using lime based products only therefore enabling the building to breathe, the joint to expand and contract with the seasons but remaining weathertight.

Heritage Lime Hair & Lath Plastering/ lime rendering

Lime rendering or hair, lime and lath plastering can be undertaken by our skilled team on either internal or external walls. The walls can then be painted in a lime wash with natural pigments added if required, mineral paints or a weak trade emulsion another service we offer for our clients.
heritage building jointing
men at work
building after painting

Period Property Services, covering Norwich, Ipswich & the whole UK

At Period Property Services Ltd we are an award-winning company and have provided our services to many award-winning projects across the UK. Take a look at some of our previous projects or contact us today to see how we can help you. 
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