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Choose the team of experts at Period Property Services Ltd for façade cleaning in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, London and across the UK
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Façade Cleaning from the experts

After an initial survey of the façade, discreet test areas will undertake to identify the substrate and soiling types and the nature of the coating/deposition. This starts with a visual examination but may require further off site analysis. Discreet trials can then be undertaken to ascertain the most effective, sustainable cleaning method to remove any coating or soiling on the facade. The trials will also allow for a preliminary assessment of the condition of the underlying masonry, its type and colour and the pointing and repairs required. 
façade after cleaning
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Why choose Period Property Services?

We use a wide range of techniques and systems to ensure the careful and sympathetic cleaning of the building. There are advantages and disadvantages on suitability on different substrates, there should be a balance and where necessary the use of more than one method might be used. 

We offer the following cleaning systems; Water washing, jet washing, soda blasting, JOS/DOFF system cleaning, specialist paint removers, chemical cleaning or good old fashioned hand cleaning. Whichever system is pertinent to ensure the surfaces are protected and enhanced to achieve a perfect result for facades to brick stone or flint buildings and timber framed or timber clad buildings. 

Conservation of your building is our priority 

Once the facade has been cleaned it can then be re-assessed for any further repairs and services we offer - brick, stone, flint replacements, repointing, any subsidence or wall cracking issues requiring structural repair work using Helifix/Stainless Steel ties, and finally any gutter and pipe work replacement.
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Period Property Services are an award-winning company

At Period Property Services Ltd we are an award winning company and have provided our services to many award winning projects across the UK. Take a look at some of our previous projects or contact us today to see how we can help you. 
Choose Period Property Services Ltd for façade cleaning in Norwich, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, London and across the UK
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